Vanco is part of Semaco BV and is a Belgian creative design studio that focuses on product design, furniture design, industrial design and the whole branding around the designs.


Our challenge is to break trough the base shape of daily products and create new, overwhelming designs. ​


The company is leaded by Baptiste Vandaele, a product designer that has already put his stamp in the design world. While working for several brands, being exposated in different city’s, published on worldwide blogs, doing internships in different countries, etc., Baptiste and his team keeps going to search for the needs of their clients and come with the best possible solutions. ​


Our design language is most of the time a minimal base shape, manipulated by a maximum impact.

Baptiste Vandaele

Baptiste Vandaele, born in Kortrijk, Belgium, is a renewed mind in the design world. 

His career began when he started studying visual and architectural arts in high school. He learned a new way of thinking, making and creating. This study was followed by industrial arts, where he first met the passion with (re-)inventing products. He became more and more passionated and was already nominated for a national design award at 18 years old. 

Because of the high interest in designing and the big positive response, he went to college to study a BA Industrial Product Design at Howest, Kortrijk. He worked on several tasks during this design course, for several brands and did an internship at Quincalux and an exchange at ELISAVA Barcelona.

When he graduated with honors, he started searching to reach other levels. He chose to do an application at the #1 design school in the world, The Royal College of Art in London for a MA Design Products. He got accepted. But due to the COVID-19 problematics, he couldn’t start his course. So he made the choiche to make a difference in the design world and inspire companies with his ideas.




Colruyt Group




White Yellow Cross

Alessi (fictional)


Product design, industrial design, furniture design and branding